About Me and Choices from a NEW PERSPECTIVE

I accepted Jesus Christ as my LORD and SAVIOR in 2009.

After giving some thought about creating my NEW BLOG "Choices from a NEW PERSPECTIVE," I made the Choice to go ahead with it on May 23, 2011. I believe every Christian has a duty and should want to contribute to helping spread the "THE WORD OF GOD!" Every Christian has the GOD GIVEN means to share and touch the lives of others through Jesus Christ. Whether its becoming a Pastor of a Church, teaching a Sunday School Class, making Financial Contributions to a Christian Organization, sharing with friends, family and co-workers, TV or Radio Broadcast,etc. The methods of serving GOD and spreading "GOD'S WORD" are unlimited! For me...at this stage of my life, I have decided to use Social Networking via FaceBook, Twitter and now through Blogging, as a tool to reach lives and share "GOD'S WORD." I am not an experienced writer by any means and I am relatively a new Christian with a lot to learn about God's Word, myself. I do feel that I have a responsibility as a Christian to try and reach out to those that have not realized the need or take the time daily for some "ONE ON ONE TIME" and Bible Study with OUR SAVIOR. Doing so has really helped me to develop a Better and Closer Relationship with JESUS CHRIST.

I might post a Bible Verse, a Preacher's Sermon, a Bible Study Tool or a link to a website, etc., as a way to get "THE WORD" in front of you and as a reminder for our need to have some "ONE ON ONE TIME" and Daily Bible Study with our Savior. I am a human being just like you and I make mistakes daily. I too struggle with the temptations of our Sinful World, daily. I am a WORK IN PROGRESS and always will be! So please don’t think that I'm claiming to be perfect by any means, but I do make my "Choices from a NEW PERSPECTIVE!"

Becoming a Christian and accepting Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior in 2009 has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life. WHAT JESUS HAS DONE FOR ME....HE CAN DO FOR YOU! I Pray that my Comments, Links, Bible Verses, Bible Study Tools, etc. will help persuade you to make the "ONE ON ONE TIME" and Bible Study with our SAVIOR a part of your everyday life. Then...it's up to you with God's help to decide to accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior, if you have not already done so, ask for and receive forgiveness for your sins and to repent (change) from your sinful ways. As we grow in Christ we all need to share with others. One thing for sure, the time for Jesus to return is getting closer. We can NOT afford to procrastinate any longer!

Keep your eyes in the SKY!

My Sincere Blessings,

John A. Warren
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